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Effective Issue Types

This features an addon for JIRA7 and onwards, that makes it possible to define which issue types are available (known as filters) for users and groups/roles in JIRA.

The plugin features both client side and service side enforcement of the filters. This is different to the Issue Type Filters plugin.

The filters are applied when:

The filters are applied on the dialogs, standalone pages, quick-forms (e.g. project and SCRUM view) and so on. But not by REST.


You can download it from within JIRA, or deploy the .obr found in Marketplace: Find the version for your JIRA version.

Install a proper license, you can just trial it before purchasing!

Do you need an extended trial version, just contact us ([email protected]).


You will find setup of the plugin by going to Administration -> Issues -> Effective Issue Types.

For help, email us at [email protected]

Thanks, and have fun.